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Does your billing office look like this?

ProMedic Consultants, LLC specializes in reviewing your billing and operational procedures to insure the highest possible cash flow

With ProMedic Consultants, LLC, you get collaborative consulting services----we essentially become a part of your business, gearing what we do to your unique services and clientele.  That means you receive the kind of personal attention you'd expect from a partner.

Put simply, ProMedic Consultants, LLC helps you get paid. We've been doing it since 1986 with programs tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual ambulance agencies we serve.  Our bottom line is your bottom line. Because when your billing is done right, you can afford to provide the best to the patients you serve.   We do a lot for our clients. And it all starts with the right kind of systems and procedures that are as efficient as they are effective.

You may be able to benefit from our Continuous Consultation Services.  Geared for the small ambulance operation, our consultants will assist your billing office with:

· On-site workflow analysis,

· Compliance policy development,

· Office procedure development,

· Reduce Medicare/Insurance denials,

· Review office and billing procedures,

· Staff instruction in billing procedures,

· Documentation training for field staff.

· Reduce documentation errors which impact your bottom line.

Using a secure Computer Remote Access Program, we can:

· Monitor your billing program,

· Set up and run reports to measure compliance with billing policies, procedures and best practices,

· Review your staff’s billing process live on-line with them.

We are available to answer any questions from your billing staff to resolve problem claims.




Ambulance Billing Management and Consulting