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ProMedic Consultants, LLC wants you to succeed!  Our goal is to make certain that your office is as efficient as possible managing your ambulance claims.  If you feel you are not using all of your resources with us to the greatest benefit, we will send a consultant to your office for as many days as you wish to help you increase your effectiveness.


Well, for starters, ProMedic Consultants, LLC specializes in ambulance billing management and consulting. Itís the only thing we do. That expertise and focus provides you with the service and results you expect from the best. 

At the core of ProMedic Consultants, LLC is a seasoned team of hands-on professionals with vast experience in accounting, insurance and coding.  We put that know-how to work for you straight down the line to maximize your reimbursements.

Everything we do we do for you because we ARE in this together.  With ProMedic Consultants, LLC, you get collaborative consulting services----we essentially become a part of your business, gearing what we do to your unique services and clientele.  That means you receive the kind of personal attention you'd expect from a partner.

Put simply, ProMedic Consultants, LLC helps you get paid. We've been doing it since 1986 with programs tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual ambulance agencies we serve.  Our bottom line is your bottom line. Because when your billing is done right, you can afford to provide the best to the patients you serve.

 We work with:

---- Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Providers

---- Municipal, Private and Volunteer Ambulance Services

---- Hospitals

---- Aeromedical (fixed and rotor wing) Transport Agencies

We do a lot for our clients. And it all starts with the right kind of systems and procedures that are as efficient as they are effective. In fact our process is so effective our clientís collection rates typically exceed the national average.



Ambulance Billing Management and Consulting